Cricket is being played in 100 countries, there are limited over cricket matches which are called One-day internationals and T20.  Whereas, matches which are played for 5 days are called test matches.

From the last decade, cricket has become a popular sport and more and more countries have started playing cricket.

If you are planning to play or join professional cricket, then you need to have a cricket kit.

So, how to choose the perfect cricket kit, what factors should be considered before you buy a complete cricket kit.  First, what should be there in the cricket kit?

Bat, ball, helmet, gloves, thigh guard, chest guard, leg & arm guard, Abdo guard, and shoes (optional).  One should look if all these items are there in the cricket kit, one or two may miss out.  You need to have the right size of the bat, check if the bat is too heavy or light.  Check if the gloves fit properly.  Double-check on all the guards in the kit.  A helmet plays an important role in safety, one cannot compromise on the quality.

Below are some of the good quality kits for cricket, which one should buy.

SG Full Cricket Kit with Duffle Bag:- Full Size for Adults.

  • Complete kit for all sizes includes all the gear that you need.
  • Available in various sizes for different age groups.
  • Kitbag made from heavy-duty nylon material.
  • External Bat packet available.
  • Cricket kit includes items:- Cricket bat with cover + legguard + Batting gloves + Kitbag + Thigh Guard + Arm Guard + Abdo Guard + Inner Gloves + SG Helmet + Ball + Grips.

Klapp Fighter Kashmir Willow Cricket Kit For Boys & Adults with 2 Bat.

  • Cricket kit for all ages includes all the gear that you need for play.
  • Available in various sizes for different age group and for team.
  • Batting gloves – palm made from cotton and PVC with wooden wicket set and tennis ball and very good quality cricket kit bag.
  • Kit includes:- 2 Cricket Bat, 4 wooden wicket, 1 pair batting gloves, 6 tennis ball & 1 cricket kit bag & 1 pair wicket keeping gloves.

TAURO ZING Full Cricket Kit for Adults / Seniors.

  • 1 Kashmir willow cricket bat size SH, 1 pair batting legguards, 1 pair batting gloves, 1 kitbag, 1 thigh guard, 1 arm guard, and 1 abdomen guard.
  • Ideally suited for adults.
  • Bat blade made of superior grade Kashmir willow.
  • Intermediate to advanced playing level.
  • All items handcrafted under expert supervision.
  • Suitable for play with a leather ball.
  • Bat perfectly balanced for unmatched stroke quality.
  • All accessories are of superb quality.
  • Highly durable kitbag designed to comfortably carry all items.
  • All items designed to last long and give a top-quality performance. 

Kookaburra Adult Cricket Kit Bag KB Pro Player.

  • Vertical storage facility with semi-rigid skeleton tapered designed for greater stability in use.
  • External Batting pad pockets – 2 pads, internal padded bat packet – 2 Bat.
  • Multiple pockets with huge equipment capacity , internal pockets – 600d Polyster.
  • Heavy weight pull handle.  Heavy duty wheels.
  • In-box contents: 1 x Cicket bag.

CW Bouncer Cricket Kit for Adult with Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Backpack Duffel Pak Kit Bag Full Cricket Kit Left hand & Right Hand.

  • DUFFLE PAK:- In large size with a heavy-duty construction which can handle the maximum weight and offers a spacious compartment for maintaining all sports gears.  The hag has double bat compartments.
  • Cricket Bat: With a superior texture that is made from genuine Kashmir Willow, the perfect bat for leather ball play.  Superior blade with high density in the middle and durable handle.
  • Cricket Gloves: Ideal cricket gloves pair with a design that offers you protection with comfort and gives flexible fit for making grasp on the bat handle.  Elasticated wrap around wrist for stable fits.
  • Cricket Pads:  Ultimate lightweight cricket batting pads with protective facing for superior protection and impact reduction.  The cushioned back provides stable and comfortable support with flexibility.
  • Helmet: The superior protector guard provides comprehensive coverage from top head till mouth and chin.  For stability and quick adjustment, nylon strap closure has designed in the helmet.

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