US election 2020: Trump in three-state campaign blitz after casting vote

US election 2020: Trump in three-state campaign blitz after casting vote

The Republican president has continued to hold packed rallies despite

a new surge in coronavirus infections that is particularly affecting the Midwest – home to several electoral battlegrounds that could decide the election.

Published at Sun, 25 Oct 2020 04:19:32 +0000

US election 2020: How Trump has changed the world

US election 2020: How Trump has changed the world

President Trump has repeatedly declared the US “the greatest country in the world”. But according to

a recent 13-nation poll by the Pew Research Center, he hasn’t done much for its image overseas.

Published at Fri, 23 Oct 2020 23:32:58 +0000

Coronavirus: US cases reach record high amid new wave of infections

Coronavirus: US cases reach record high amid new wave of infections

Hospital admission numbers are rising, too. As of Friday, 41,485 people were being treated in hospital, according to Covid Tracking Project data. This was the highest figure since the end of August, but it was also lower than figures reported in April and July.

Published at Sat, 24 Oct 2020 04:14:45 +0000

Coronavirus: France puts 46 million under night curfew

Coronavirus: France puts 46 million under night curfew

Scroll table to see more data

*Deaths per 100,000 people

US 222,178 67.9 8,344,791
Brazil 155,900 74.4 5,323,630
India 117,306 8.7 7,761,312
Mexico 87,415 69.3 874,171
UK 44,347 66.0 810,467
Italy 36,968 61.0 465,726
Spain 34,521 73.9 1,026,281
France 34,048 52.4 957,421
Peru 33,984 106.2 879,876
Iran 31,650 38.7 550,757
Colombia 29,637 59.7 990,373
Argentina 27,957 63.0 1,053,650
Russia 25,072 17.2 1,453,923
South Africa 18,843 32.6 710,515
Chile 13,792 73.6 497,131
Indonesia 12,959 4.8 377,541
Ecuador 12,500 73.2 156,451
Belgium 10,588 92.2 270,132
Iraq 10,465 27.2 442,164
Germany 9,960 12.0 404,745
Canada 9,916 26.7 211,617
Turkey 9,584 11.6 355,528
Bolivia 8,584 75.6 140,445
Netherlands 6,922 40.6 262,555
Philippines 6,783 6.4 363,888
Pakistan 6,715 3.2 326,216
Ukraine 6,334 14.3 339,779
Egypt 6,166 6.3 106,060
Romania 6,163 31.6 196,004
Sweden 5,930 59.5 108,969
Bangladesh 5,747 3.6 394,827
Saudi Arabia 5,250 15.6 343,774
China 4,739 0.3 91,073
Poland 4,019 10.6 214,686
Guatemala 3,580 20.8 103,172
Morocco 3,132 8.7 186,731
Panama 2,612 62.5 127,227
Honduras 2,604 27.2 91,509
Israel 2,319 27.7 308,572
Portugal 2,245 21.9 109,541
Dominican Republic 2,212 20.8 122,873
Switzerland 2,046 24.0 97,019
Algeria 1,888 4.5 55,357
Ireland 1,871 38.8 54,476
Czech Republic 1,845 17.3 223,065
Kazakhstan 1,796 9.8 110,086
Japan 1,697 1.3 95,391
Moldova 1,641 40.5 69,568
Afghanistan 1,507 4.1 40,687
Ethiopia 1,396 1.3 91,693
Hungary 1,352 13.9 54,278
Paraguay 1,262 18.1 57,526
Costa Rica 1,251 25.0 100,616
Oman 1,147 23.7 111,837
Armenia 1,145 38.8 73,310
Nigeria 1,127 0.6 61,805
Kyrgyzstan 1,126 17.9 54,588
Bulgaria 1,064 15.1 34,930
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1,051 31.6 37,314
Myanmar 1,005 1.9 41,008
Belarus 945 10.0 90,380
Austria 941 10.6 71,844
El Salvador 940 14.6 32,262
Australia 905 3.6 27,484
North Macedonia 874 42.0 25,473
Kenya 870 1.7 47,212
Sudan 836 2.0 13,724
Nepal 812 2.9 148,509
Serbia 783 11.2 37,536
Libya 768 11.5 52,620
Venezuela 759 2.6 88,416
Tunisia 740 6.4 45,892
Kuwait 730 17.6 119,420
Denmark 694 12.1 37,763
Kosovo 657 35.6 17,263
Azerbaijan 648 6.5 47,418
Yemen 597 2.1 2,057
Lebanon 552 8.0 67,027
Greece 549 5.2 28,216
Uzbekistan 541 1.7 64,633
Jordan 481 4.8 46,441
United Arab Emirates 474 4.9 120,710
Albania 465 16.1 18,250
South Korea 455 0.9 25,698
Palestinian Territories 435 8.9 49,134
Cameroon 425 1.7 21,570
Croatia 406 9.8 29,850
Finland 355 6.4 14,255
Zambia 346 2.0 16,035
Senegal 321 2.0 15,508
Ghana 312 1.0 47,538
Bahrain 308 19.6 79,211
DR Congo 304 0.4 11,097
Norway 279 5.2 17,234
Angola 260 0.8 8,582
Syria 260 1.5 5,267
Montenegro 253 40.3 16,259
Madagascar 238 0.9 16,810
Zimbabwe 236 1.6 8,242
Haiti 231 2.1 9,007
Qatar 228 8.2 130,462
Slovenia 211 10.2 17,646
Malaysia 204 0.6 23,804
Georgia 183 4.6 24,562
Malawi 183 1.0 5,874
Jamaica 179 6.1 8,600
Mauritania 163 3.7 7,650
Nicaragua 155 2.4 5,434
Luxembourg 140 23.2 12,333
Namibia 133 5.4 12,460
Mali 132 0.7 3,440
Bahamas 130 33.7 6,135
Cuba 128 1.1 6,421
Lithuania 125 4.5 8,663
Ivory Coast 121 0.5 20,390
Gambia 119 5.2 3,659
Guyana 117 15.0 3,877
Eswatini 116 10.2 5,814
Slovakia 115 2.1 35,330
Guadeloupe 115 28.8 7,329
Suriname 109 18.9 5,154
Trinidad and Tobago 103 7.4 5,446
Somalia 102 0.7 3,897
Uganda 98 0.2 11,041
Chad 96 0.6 1,410
Congo 92 1.8 5,156
Cape Verde 91 16.7 8,122
Equatorial Guinea 83 6.3 5,074
Liberia 82 1.7 1,385
Mozambique 81 0.3 11,559
Tajikistan 81 0.9 10,653
Sierra Leone 73 1.0 2,340
Guinea 71 0.6 11,635
Estonia 71 5.4 4,247
French Guiana 69 24.4 10,342
Niger 69 0.3 1,215
Burkina Faso 65 0.3 2,414
Andorra 63 81.8 3,811
Central African Republic 62 1.3 4,862
Djibouti 61 6.4 5,522
Thailand 59 0.1 3,727
South Sudan 55 0.5 2,872
Gabon 54 2.5 8,901
Uruguay 53 1.5 2,701
Togo 52 0.7 2,139
Malta 49 11.2 5,137
Latvia 49 2.5 3,958
Channel Islands 48 28.2 784
Belize 46 12.0 2,995
Mayotte 44 17.0 4,203
Lesotho 43 2.0 1,923
San Marino 42 124.3 802
Benin 41 0.4 2,557
Guinea-Bissau 41 2.2 2,403
Maldives 37 7.2 11,358
Aruba 36 34.0 4,389
Vietnam 35 0.0 1,148
Rwanda 34 0.3 5,017
Singapore 28 0.5 57,941
Cyprus 25 2.1 3,154
New Zealand 25 0.5 1,923
Martinique 24 6.4 2,257
Isle of Man 24 28.5 348
Saint Martin 22 59.0 769
Botswana 21 0.9 5,923
Tanzania 21 0.0 509
French Polynesia 19 6.8 5,161
Réunion 19 2.2 5,015
Sao Tome and Principe 15 7.1 935
Sri Lanka 14 0.1 6,287
Diamond Princess cruise ship 13 712
Iceland 11 3.3 4,268
Mauritius 10 0.8 425
Bermuda 9 14.3 188
Papua New Guinea 7 0.1 583
Taiwan 7 0.0 548
Comoros 7 0.8 517
Barbados 7 2.4 224
Turks and Caicos Islands 6 15.9 698
Brunei 3 0.7 148
Antigua and Barbuda 3 3.1 122
Monaco 2 5.2 281
Fiji 2 0.2 33
MS Zaandam cruise ship 2 9
Curaçao 1 0.6 804
Burundi 1 0.0 551
Liechtenstein 1 2.6 282
Cayman Islands 1 1.6 236
British Virgin Islands 1 3.4 71
Montserrat 1 20.0 13
Western Sahara 1 0.2 10
Gibraltar 0 0.0 630
Faroe Islands 0 0.0 490
Eritrea 0 0.0 457
Bhutan 0 0.0 336
Mongolia 0 0.0 328
Cambodia 0 0.0 286
Seychelles 0 0.0 151
Saint Barthelemy 0 0.0 77
St Vincent and the Grenadines 0 0.0 68
Saint Lucia 0 0.0 42
Dominica 0 0.0 33
Timor-Leste 0 0.0 29
Grenada 0 0.0 27
New Caledonia 0 0.0 27
Vatican 0 0.0 27
Laos 0 0.0 24
Saint Kitts and Nevis 0 0.0 19
Greenland 0 0.0 17
Saint Pierre and Miquelon 0 0.0 16
Falkland Islands 0 0.0 13
Solomon Islands 0 0.0 4
Anguilla 0 0.0 3

Please update your browser to see full interactive

This information is regularly updated but may not reflect the latest totals for each country.

** The past data for new cases is a three day rolling average. Due to revisions in the number of cases, an average cannot be calculated for this date.

Source: Johns Hopkins University, national public health agencies and UN population data

Figures last updated: 23 October 2020, 10:41 BST

Published at Fri, 23 Oct 2020 10:33:33 +0000

Presidential debate: Trump and Biden row over Covid, climate and racism

Presidential debate: Trump and Biden row over Covid, climate and racism

Related Topics

  • US election 2020

US President Donald Trump and his White House challenger Joe Biden clashed over Covid and race while trading corruption charges, in their final live TV debate.

On the pandemic, Mr Biden would not rule out more lockdowns, while Mr Trump insisted it was time to reopen the US.

Mr Trump cited unsubstantiated claims Mr Biden personally profited from his son’s business dealings. The Democrat brought up Mr Trump’s opaque taxes.

Mr Biden has a solid lead with 11 days to go until the presidential election.

But winning the most votes does not always win the election, and the margin is narrower in a handful of states that could decide the race either way.

  • Live updates: The scramble to claim victory

  • Final debate fact-checked
  • Key takeaways from the debate

More than 47 million people have already cast their ballots in a voting surge driven by the pandemic.

This is already more than voted before polling day in the 2016 election. There are about 230 million eligible voters in total.

What was the overall tone?

Thursday night’s primetime duel in Nashville, Tennessee, was a less acrimonious and more substantive affair than the pair’s previous showdown on 29 September, which devolved into insults and name-calling.

Following that political brawl, debate organisers this time muted microphones during the candidates’ opening statements on each topic to minimise disruption.

But the 90-minute debate, moderated by NBC’s Kristen Welker, was the scene of plenty of personal attacks between the opponents, whose mutual dislike was palpable.

In individual closing argument to voters, they offered starkly different visions for the nation on everything from shutting down the country to tackle coronavirus, to shutting down the fossil fuel industry to confront climate change.

Coronavirus ‘going away’

Nowhere was the distinction between the two candidates more apparent than in their approach to the pandemic.

Asked about his support for more lockdowns if the scientists recommended it, Mr Biden, a Democrat, did not rule it out.

But Mr Trump, a Republican, said it was wrong to inflict further damage on the economy because of an infection from which most people recover.

“This is a massive country with a massive economy,” said the president. “People are losing their jobs, they’re committing suicide. There’s depression, alcohol, drugs at a level nobody’s ever seen before.”

Mr Trump, 74, declared that the virus was “going away” and that a vaccine would be ready by the end of the year, while Mr Biden warned the nation was heading towards “a dark winter”.

The president said: “We’re learning to live with it.” Mr Biden, 77, countered: “Come on. We’re dying with it.”

Mr Biden laid blame for the 220,000-plus American deaths as a consequence of the pandemic at Mr Trump’s door.

“Anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths should not remain president of the United States of America,” he said.

Donald Trump debates Joe Biden

image copyrightGetty Images

‘This guy is a dog whistle’

During a back-and-forth on race relations, Mr Trump said: “I am the least racist person in this room.”

He brought up the 1994 crime bill that Mr Biden helped draft and which Black Lives Matter blames for the mass incarceration of African Americans.

But Mr Biden said Mr Trump was “one of the most racist presidents we’ve had in modern history. He pours fuel on every single racist fire”.

He added: “This guy is a [racial] dog whistle about as big as a fog horn.”

Presentational grey line

Lasting impact unlikely

Analysis box by Anthony Zurcher, North America reporter

Once again, Mr Biden largely held up under fire – avoiding the kind of gaffes and stumbles that could have played into Republican attempts to question his age and mental acuity.

The Trump campaign will try to make an issue out of Mr Biden’s call for a “transition” from oil-based energy – a risky thing to throw in at the tail end of the debate. In an era of hybrid cars and energy-efficient homes, however, when even petroleum companies employ similar language, it may not hit Americans as hard as Republicans imagine.

In the end, the raucous first debate probably will be what the history books record. And with polls showing most Americans already having made up their minds – and more than 45 million already having voted – the chance that this evening has a lasting impact on the race seems slim.

Presentational grey line

Bank accounts ‘all over the place’

Mr Trump brought up purported leaked emails from Mr Biden’s son, Hunter, about his business dealings in China.

But Mr Biden denied the president’s unfounded insinuation that the former US vice-president somehow had a stake in the ventures.

“I think you owe an explanation to the American people,” said Mr Trump.

Mr Biden said: “I have not taken a single penny from any country whatsoever. Ever.”

The former vice-president referred to the New York Times recently reporting that Mr Trump had a bank account in China and paid $188,561 in taxes from 2013-15 to the country, compared with $750 in US federal taxes that the newspaper said he had paid in 2016-17 when he became president.

“I have many bank accounts and they’re all listed and they’re all over the place,” said Mr Trump. “I mean, I was a businessman doing business.”

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‘Trouble ahead’ on climate

Mr Biden described climate change as an “existential threat to humanity” and attacked Mr Trump for cutting curbs on polluters.

“Four more years of this man eliminating all the regulations that were put in by us to clean up the climate… will put us in the position where we’re going to be in real trouble,” he said.

Joe Biden debates Donald Trump

image copyrightReuters

Mr Trump defended his decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, saying he would not “sacrifice tens of millions of jobs, thousands and thousands of companies” for the agreement.

The two clashed on energy policy, as Mr Trump asked his challenger: “Would you close down the oil industry?”

“I would transition from the oil industry, yes,” said Mr Biden, adding, “because the oil industry pollutes significantly.”

He said Big Oil – a reference to big oil companies – had to be replaced by renewable energy over time with the US moving towards net zero emissions.

“Basically what he’s saying is he’s going to destroy the oil industry,” said Mr Trump. “Will you remember that, Texas? Will you remember that, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio?”

The Biden campaign afterwards said their candidate had been talking about ending oil subsidies.

‘Who built the cages, Joe?’

The two again argued when Mr Trump was asked about his policy of separating hundreds of children from undocumented immigrant adults at the southern US border.

The president pointed out that migrant children were also detained under the Obama administration.

“Who built the cages, Joe?” he said, referring to the chain-link enclosures where unaccompanied migrant children were held during the Obama-Biden administration.

But the former vice-president said the Trump administration had gone further by separating families and the practice was “criminal”.

Any other stand-out moments?

Not surprisingly, both candidates accused the other of unfulfilled promises while in office.

Mr Biden took his opponent to task for his pledges to come up with a healthcare plan to replace Mr Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Mr Trump had been talking about making such a move for years but “he’s never come up with a plan”, the Democrat said.

The president, meanwhile, talked about what he said was Mr Biden’s own inactivity while in office.

“You keep talking about all these things you’re going to do… but you were there just a short time ago and you guys did nothing,” he said.

“Joe, I ran because of you. I ran because of Barack Obama, because you did a poor job.”

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4 Reasons You Are not Making Any Money Online

Everyone thinks that earning online money or earning passive income is a very easy task or job, but in reality, it is not that easy.  Due to such assumptions, many people who had started earning online money have failed miserably.  Some started earning few dollars for a weeks or months and then they stopped.  Few of them were successful and they continued what they had started.

For example, if 100 people think of earning online money, 50% of them will actually start and the rest 50% will drop the idea.  Out of the 50% who have started, around 30% will drop after few months and around 10% will drop it after a year.  So, in actuals only 20% will continue earning online money.

There are various reasons as to why people fail in earning online money.  In this blog, i will disclose the 4 reasons why online earning fails.  The main source of online earning is websites and blogs, and we will see why people stop the online earning method in between.,

No Traffic - Less Visitors

If you have a website, blog or an online store, you need traffic so that there are lot of visitors on your website.  A website or a blog becomes famous if it has daily organic traffic.  If you have a website, daily traffic means there are daily someone visiting your site, there are chances that some might click on ads being displayed on your website.

Website will die if there are no traffic and eventually it will shut down.  Traffic can be increased either by free source of by paid source, there are multiple softwares, tools and websites which can double your traffic in 2-3 days but one has to shed some dollars for such paid source.  The best traffic generating tools are social media platforms like facebook, instagram, reddit, linkedin and twitter. 

When i started my website 12 years back, i used to get daily traffic of 4-5 users, this was increased to 100 users after a month.  After a year, i used to get daily 5k users, thus increasing my website earnings.  So to conclude, the more traffic, the more online earning.

Quality Niche or Audience

Some have thousands of visitors but still they complain or have queries that their website earning is very low.  This is because; the traffic is not of a good quality.  Let me share an example with you.  If you have a travel blog or a travel website, but the audience to whom you have shared your website are least bothered about travel.  Then, obliviously they will not visit your website, as they are not interested on your articles and blogs.

On the contrary, if the audience consist of people who love travelling, the results would have been different.  No matter if you have hundred or thousands visitors, quality matters a lot.  

Search for a niche who you think will like your website, respond and interact with the site, this is called as a quality traffic.  Even if you have thousands such visitors, you can easily earn more than $100 in a week.  So, focus on quality rather on quantity.

Have Patience

To get the desired results, one should have patience.  One cannot assume that one can become rich in a night through online earning or passive income.  Online earning will test your patience as it is a slow process, but once you are set, you will see excellent results.  People who are impatient will stop in between as they think that it is not worth it, but people who think other way out, will succeed.

Some of the online storeowners, which i know took more than 2 years to start generating profit, if they would have just waited for 3-6 months they would have been losers.

Passive income from affiliate marketing, email marketing and network marketing require minimum one month, but it can go up to 1 year as well.  So have some patience and i am 100% sure you will succeed.

No Feedback from Customers

How will you know or differentiate if the product or service which you are advertising or marketing is worth taking.  You need to have customer feedbacks every monthly, understand their concerns and suggestion and accordingly act on it.  Your customers will give a honest remarks and these remarks will be boon to our company.

In fact, in each and every store there are already people waiting for customers feedback.  I have kept a Quarterly review of customer’s feedback.

Feedback from customer are very helpful, it shows the global market trend.  Most of them give honest reviews, these reviews and feedback will help us to decide which products to purchase and whch to avoid, what are the drawbacks and events.

How to Become Successful in Life

Success and failure are part and phase of life.  You are happy when you achieve success and are sad when you have failures.  This is experienced in children’s, adults and in all age groups.  Most of us think that a person is successful, if he has ample amount of money, this is not true.  Wealth is the secondary part, a person is said to be successful if he is able to make everyone happy and most importantly his or her family.  A successful person is that person who have achieved all his goals and aims in his life.

There are hundreds of blogs, posts and articles on internet on “How to achieve Success” and “How to become successful in a day”.  In this blog, i will throw some light on some of the few tips on how to achieve success and become a successful person.

Success cannot be achieved in a single day or in a week, it is a slow process and everyone should accept it.  Many of them have taken close to 50-70 years to achieve success.  A person should have a good patience level if he wants to experience it.


Go Slowly

You must have heard and read about the story of rabbit and tortoise “Slow and steady wins the race.  This applies in real life too, do not jump to conclusions, think, plan, organize and then execute.  Everyone wants to become rich and successful in a day, this is never possible unless and until you are lucky to get a lottery.  People who think that one can get success in a day are foolish and such people get trapped in scams, frauds and money making scheme.  Every successful person took time to taste success;  some took 5 years, some 10 years and some more than that.  Do not chase success, let success chase you.


Prepare a list of Goals and Aims

In your work life, annually you prepare your goals and objectives to see what all milestones you have achieved in a year and accordingly you are given a hike or promotions.  In a similar fashion, prepare short-term and long-term goals and set a target date.  For example, you want to purchase a car in next 2 years or purchase a residential flat in next 3 years.  Write down such goals along with a tracker and on a monthly basis review it.  List down all challenges and difficulties in completing the goals

You may also discuss such goals with your spouse or parents, as they can be a source of morale support.  If by any reason you are not able to achieve the said goals, do not stress yourself or do not get demotivated, as this is not the end of life.  Try harder unless and until you achieve that goal.

Be Happy with Present

Do not think about past or future, think about present and enjoy it.  You may had failures in the past or there were instances where you were unable to complete your goals, thinking will distract you in the present.  Just note down what were the mistakes, which you did in the past and try or avoid not to repeat the same mistakes.  

Spend time with your families in spare time, go for outdoor vacations, go for shopping or a movie, go for a morning walk with your spouse and children.  Do not worry about the future, if you will then you will ruin your present day and present life.  This will make you unhappy and your behavior will change, this will create tension, stress and frustration in your life.  A successful person will never go in this phase; if you want to be successful then you will have to apply this approach.

Be Positive

Your approach towards life should be always positive and not negative.  A person who is having a negative attitude can never be successful.  All big international leaders have one thing in common, that is positive attitude.  They always think that every work and every aim is achievable and they can overcome any challenges.  This is the first sign of a successful person and one can easily make out

A positive attitude person is always in a positive frame of mind, for him every task is doable.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple is the best example.  He was always positive that apple phone, one day will rule the mobile world.  He was very confident in his team and his approach; the results are in your front.


Do What You Love to Do

Do not kill your dreams, do what you like to do.  In our daily stressful life, we tend to forgot our passions and our hobbies and end up doing nothing.  I had a passion of sky diving, i ensured that once in a year i will do sky diving.  Therefore, manage your time in such a way that there is some time available for your hobbies and passions.  Loving what you do is an important sign of successful people.  Do not stop and do not avoid.

Following and continuing your hobbies can lead to a balance work life and makes you motivated all the time.

So in short, you should never leave your hobbies and passions if you want to be successful in life.

Things to do at home to make money

Life is full of risks and bad phase, there is always some percent of risks if you are doing your regular job or have a business.  To manage risks, one should always have a backup plan.  For example, if i am doing a 9am – 5pm job, i should have a backup plan.  A backup plan should be in such a way that even if i loose a job, i would be earning some amount of money daily.  This applies for people as well, who owns a business, as there is lot of risks in starting and managing a business.

Passive income is an answer to mitigate these risks, this income will be give you a monthly earning, so now you are not dependent on your job or business.  The best passive income starts from home, there are many latest methods and ways of earning daily from home without 0% investments.  These passive income activities can be executed by any adult members in your family.  Therefore, if you are going to office then you wife or parents can continue this passive income.

Now, let us explore these home based opportunities.

Online Games

You might be killing your spare time by playing online games, but have you ever thought that playing some online games can actually earn some dollars for you.  When you are doing or managing your regular job or business, request your parents, adult children or wife to play these games.  This will serve to purpose; 1) They will be busy 2) You can get some money through this passive income methods.

I have a blog in which i have written an article on some of the best online earning games, which one should try.  Even you can try on your weekend or when you have taken a holiday.

Most of these games are simple to play and are of very short duration, you might require a paypal account so that the winning amount can be transferred in your bank accounts.  In US and in Canada, there are millions of people who have started earning a good amount of money through these online games.  So, try your luck, who knows you can become the next millionaire.


Fill Surveys

Big international companies reach out to customers to get their product or service feedback.  These feedbacks are taken in form of surveys.  Some of these companies pay around $5 – $10 to people, who fill and submit the surveys.  Now, there are some websites which are tied up with these companies to run these surveys, a small amount of commission is given to this website and the remaining commission is given to the person which has completed the survey.  For example, if a company is paying $5 to a website for conduction a survey, the website will keep $2 in their wallet and remaining $3 is given to you.

Toluna is one of the best survey website, which pays a good amount of money to people who complete survey.  If you register with toluna, you will daily get surveys on your mails, you have to just complete these surveys and the amount will get credit in your bank account, it is a very simple process.  The surveys which you will receive matches to your profile, your education and your locations.  If the surveys are too long for around 1 hr, then the commission might be more than $10, it is a short survey for around 1 min, and then the commission is around $1.

Any adult family member can participate and compete these surveys from home, it does not require any special skills.


Create and Publish a Blog

This is the best and trending ways to work from home on weekends.  You do not have to leave your regular work or business.  To start with, just work for 3-4 weekends and then you are ready with your daily passive income.  Now, what is blog, blog is an article, which has lot of information.  A blog, a post or an article can be of food, travel, sports, entertainment, news or any other topic of your interests.  I have multiple blogs regarding online earning and passive income, through these blogs i am earning daily $100.  A person who writes such blogs are called bloggers and the activity is called blogging.  I am online blogger from past 12 years.

However, this methods require a small amount of investment.  The investment is for hosting your blog or website, advertise and get traffic to your blog.  Across the globe, there are thousands of bloggers who do part-time blogging.

I have a detailed post on blogging, it is a complete handbook which will give you the complete information on how to start blogging, how much you can earn and how to make this as the online source of income.  There are lot of people who have actually quit their job and have started blogging.  If you are good in blogging, there are chances that you can be hired by some big brands to blog on their products and services.  I am blogger for 4 such big international brands and i get monthly paid for doing nothing!, just write blogs and do nothing.


Write Reviews

Above you have read about blogging, online games and surveys.  Now, the last topic is one of the coolest method, it does not require any investment and is absolutely 100% free.  Writing reviews, write review on products, services, websites and brands and get earned daily.  There are few websites who request you to write reviews and if your review is selected and approved, you get paid.  If your writing skills are good, you can be even hired by these websites, which will give you daily some products and services and will request you write honest reviews.

One can write reviews when they are not working as it require hardly 10-15 minutes of time.  There are professional review writers who are now earning more than $1k in a month, they must have started with just earning $1 in a month.

In coming future, review writing will play a very important role in generating passive and side income.  In 2015, there were handful of websites on review writing but now the scenario has changed, there are at present hundreds of websites on reviews.

Mouthshut, Review Stream and Vindale Research are some of the websites on which you can register yourself, write reviews and start earning.

New social networking sites

Do you know there are approximate 210 social networking sites and more than 2 billion people are active in these sites.  This is really huge!  These websites or platforms are basically for people to build social networks, social relationships with other people, some also share personal or career interests, activities, background or real life connections.

Social networking sites allow user to share ideas, digital photos and videos, posts, and to inform others about online or real-world activities and events with people in their network.

Some of the most famous social networking websites and Applications are facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Whatsapp, pinterest, snapchat.  The most famous and widely used social media platform is Facebook which has over 2,498 million active user followed by Youtube, Whatsapp and facebook messenger.

However, all above social media platform have become old and are very common.  Everyone has an habit of searching something thing new, there are few sites and applications which have now entered in the market and are slowing moving towards attracting millions of customers.

In this blog, we will see some these social medial platforms, which will be widely used in the coming future and are becoming a source of income.

Medium is a social networking site and an online publishing platform, it is owned by medium corporation.  I has been developed by Evan Williams who was earlier the co-founder of Blogger and Twitter.  According to the recent stats, the total number of active users on medium is around 25 million.  One can create new account using facebook or google acount.  One can also us email address for signing up with medium.

Medium is being used to share blogs and advertise websites and contents so that one can drive website traffic.

Vero is a social media platform and mobile app company.  Vero’s content feed and features resembles instagram.  One can share a wider variety of content and the app has a chronological content feed as compared to facebook and instagram who have algorithm based feeds.

Since, it is a new social medial platform, It has close to 3 million active users.  If you bored of facebook and instagram and this platform is best to advertise your product and services.  There are fair chances that by end of 2020, the active user count in vero will exceed 10 million mark.



Houseparty is a social networking site and service, which enables group video chatting through mobile and desktop apps.  This app has shown a huge growth due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  There have been more than 50 million signups in year 2020 till June Month.  It has claimed no.3 position in the US google play store.  This application is mainly for younger generation who wants to have a social hangouts and group video chat.  Some of this apps rivals are big giants like Zoom, Skype and google hangouts.  If the pandemic lockdown extends the number of signups for Houseparty will double in year 2020.


Steemit is a blockchain-based blogging and social media platform and website, which rewards its users with the cryptocurrency STEEM for publishing content.  There are close to 1 million registered users with steemit and the count my increase in coming years.  Steemit is actually a reddit alternative.

While steemit has a relatively small user-base so far, smart marketers can use this platform as an additional channel to share their content and grow their audience, all while getting paid for it at the same time.



Byte is an American social networking short-form video hosting service where users can create 6-second looping videos.  Byte was officially launched to the public on the IOS and android platforms in over 40 countries on January 2020.

Byte allows users to publish videos from two up tp eight seconds long either captured through the app or previously recorded and stored on their devices.  The app also features a search screen with tiles for popular and latest content along with video categories like comedy, animation and others.


Best Website that Pay you to Write

Some take writing as a hobby and for some it is an another source of income.  Writing could be the main source of income as well! Yes that is true.  There are millions of people who are earning online money only through writing, so it acts as an passive income where you can earn real money, that to without any investment.  Therefore, if you are good in writing, you can be paid very easily and quickly.

Writing jobs can be taken on weekends or on any holiday, it is up to you when and what time suits you.  Some of them even write after their office hours and during the daytime or during their lunch time.  In this blog, i will give you some details of websites, which pay you if you write.  In fact, you can easily earn more than $100 in a day or more than that. is a consumer Driven review company and website.  They provide you with a platform to voice your customer feedback on millions of product and services that are manufactured and sold to customer’s across the world.

The platform is actually an opportunity to write honest and real reviews on product and services that one has used or experienced, thereby helping your peers, relatives and friends to decide which product is good and can be purchased and  which one is bad and can be ignored.  Similarly, reviews written by other members will enable you to make the right choice.  One can also compare products, post blogs, upload pictures and get a detailed information about a product’s specification and features.


How to Start with MouthShut?

Joining mouthshut is a very easy and simple process.  Click here to register with Mouthshut.  Once you have been registered with mouthsut, a personalized account is created.  After account creation, you need fill the profile page, which is mandatory.

Now to start writing review, type in the name of the product or service or brand in the search bar of the home page, navigate through the respective categories and select the required product or service.  Now, write your experiences, your opinion and advice that can help others and they can take benefit from it.  The reviews written on the site should be honest, unbiased and based on genuine experiences.  Mouthshut will never accept reviews written by advertisers.  The reviews are accepted by only registered member of the site.

There is no limitations on reviews, you can write as many reviews in a day, which means no more keeping your mouth shut.  But there are some rules which one has to follow.

  • Keep your reviews informative.
  • Share your true experience
  • Avoid abusive and offensive language
  • Avoid personal information (email, phone number, address)
  • Check your grammar and punctuation, this will help other to understand what you have written
  • Remember, well formatted reviews invite more readers.

Once you are done with writing and posting your review, you will get a notification if someone rates your review.  You will be able to find the list of people who have read and rated your reviews.

How do i earn from mouthshut?

If your review have been successfully posted and rated, you will be awarded by MS point.  In short, MS points are rewards you earn for writing reviews on  One can earn more MS points by writing more reviews and inviting your friends to join mouthshut.  These points can be encashed at a later stage.  You need minimum 500 MS points to encash the rewards in your bank account.

You can check the summary of your earned MS points on MS point’s history page under the profile section.


Other ways of Earning from mouthshut

There is one more way of earning from mouthshut, it is called ‘Wite-Share-Win‘ contest.  Write-Share-Win contest is all about sharing your true experiences about the products/services you have used.  Positive experience will win 10 MS points and negative one will get you earn 20 MS points.  Just post, your true experiences about any product/service/brand on mouthshut and share the review on your twitter account, you will become eligible for the Write-Share-Win contest.

The other way is to invite friends on mouthshut.  In order to get eligible for MS points through invite friends, make sure that all your invited friends should get register here, write and share their genuine experience on mouthsut.  Once they will get MS points for their approved reviews, the same referral MS points will be credited to your bank account.  Mouthshut have their internal algorithms in place to detect the genuineness of a user.  If their system finds that your friend does not seem to be genuine, then all your invitations will be disapproved, then even can ban you.

Moreover, update your friends to get themselves KYC verified to prove their genuinity by uploading the KYC details on mouthshut.