Stylish Car Accessories Which One Should Buy

Car accessories are important as Tyre and Steering wheel.  Some car accessories are for safety purpose, whereas some are just to add some cool features.

But most of us ignore such kind of accessories and they do not buy.  There are some accessories which one should definitely buy, i have listed down some of those, have a look. 

ELV Car Mount Adjustable Car Phone Holder Universal long Arm, Windshield for Smartphones – Black.

  • ELV easy one touch mounting system locks and releases the device with just a push of a finger.
  • Easy Access – Redesigned bottom foot ensures access to all your device ports.
  • Super power grip in bottom – Super sticky gel pad sticks securely to most surfaces.
  • 360 Degree Rotation – Fully adjustable with 360 degree rotation for quick portrait and landscape views.
  • Telescopic Arm – New telescopic arm adds 2 inches to allow for closer device viewing.

Flexible Duster Car Wash | Car Cleaning Accessories | Microfiber | Brushes | Dry / Wet Home, Kitchen, Office cleaning brush with expandable handle.

  • Made from high microfiber soft material, easy to clean.
  • Easily removes dust and dirt from the car.
  • Extendable handle makes easy to reach on different height.
  • Remove dust without scratching or damaging your car.
  • Package content : 1 dusting mop brush for car.

APPUCOCO Mini Car Trash Bin Can Holder Dustbin – Black (L 17 x W 6.5cms)

  • Cleanliness – This trash can keeps your car clean and tidy.  The BIN is very handy and an ultra convenient car accessory that will help you get rid of all your unwanted trash.  Its perfect for throwing your daily garbage without making your car untidy its really easy to empty it.
  • Compact & Versatile – It’s compact, thus easy to fit in any car.  It takes up minimal amount of space, without taking up all your legroom.  It can be used to store car fuses.  Also, it can be used at home, office or study room for serving purpose of a pen organizer, cotton, swabs, pencil shavings etc.
  • It’s a tiny but convenient and functional car garbage can.  It can fit into cup holder, car door, centre console or wherever you prefer.  It is a mini car dustbin.
  • Premium quality – The APPUCOCO car trash bin is well-made from premium quality material to provide maximum strength, durability, and longevity.  The plastic cover is removable for practicality purposes.
  • Compatible – This car trash bin is compatible with cup holders of car with diameter of at least 6.5 cms.

HSR 10Pcs / 1Set car Wiper Detergent Effervescent Tablets Washer Auto Windshield Cleaner.

  • Car cleaner compact glasswasher detergent effervescent tablets.
  • Turns regular water into powerful cleaning fluid, one tablet is 4L water will equal to 4L windshield washer.
  • More conveniently and easily to use than traditional windscreen cleaner.
  • Dissolve thoroughly, no residual and apply for all metal, rubber, plastic and painted surfaces.
  • Environmental friendly, biodegradable, phosphate and fragrance free formula.

FABTEC Rubber car bumper protector Guard with double chrome strip for Car 4 Pcs – Black.

  • Made up of PVC which is a good shock absorber and very tough and long lasting.
  • Preserves vehicle’s paint by ensuring safety from dents.
  • Car corner bumper protector guard set of 4pcs in black and chrome strip.

AmazonBasics Compact Portable Digital Tyre Inflator with Carrying case.

  • Compact 12-volt portable tyre inflator for adding air to tyres, plugs into cigarette lighter port.
  • For tyres with a 120 PSI rating, 22 L/M free flow at 0 PSI.
  • 10-foot power cord reaches all tyres comfortably.
  • Long 23.6-inch air hose easily reaches all tyres.  Inflate tyres for scooters, motorcycles and cars.
  • Digital gauge with auto shut off capability.
  • Built-in LED light offers useful illumination when working in dim or dark lighting.
  • Customer care – 1800 – 419 – 0416.

Sheeba SCAIO07 All-in-One multipurpose liquid polish (200 ml).

  • It’s active formula gives extra bright shine & new look to articles polished high gloss.
  • Contains a unique blend of ingredients that gives extra bright shine and cover protection.
  • Easy application, as simple to apply and as simple to buff and no extra efforts.
  • Long lasting – Leaves a long lasting protective film, that prevents & lasts for long time.
  • Multi-purpose – An ideal polish for application on cars / bikes & scooter (plastic, rubber, Vinyl, Rexene, Rubber, surface etc.)
  • Power coated accessories, car & Bike headlights & Taillights etc.

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