How to Become Successful in Life

Success and failure are part and phase of life.  You are happy when you achieve success and are sad when you have failures.  This is experienced in children’s, adults and in all age groups.  Most of us think that a person is successful, if he has ample amount of money, this is not true.  Wealth is the secondary part, a person is said to be successful if he is able to make everyone happy and most importantly his or her family.  A successful person is that person who have achieved all his goals and aims in his life.

There are hundreds of blogs, posts and articles on internet on “How to achieve Success” and “How to become successful in a day”.  In this blog, i will throw some light on some of the few tips on how to achieve success and become a successful person.

Success cannot be achieved in a single day or in a week, it is a slow process and everyone should accept it.  Many of them have taken close to 50-70 years to achieve success.  A person should have a good patience level if he wants to experience it.


Go Slowly

You must have heard and read about the story of rabbit and tortoise “Slow and steady wins the race.  This applies in real life too, do not jump to conclusions, think, plan, organize and then execute.  Everyone wants to become rich and successful in a day, this is never possible unless and until you are lucky to get a lottery.  People who think that one can get success in a day are foolish and such people get trapped in scams, frauds and money making scheme.  Every successful person took time to taste success;  some took 5 years, some 10 years and some more than that.  Do not chase success, let success chase you.


Prepare a list of Goals and Aims

In your work life, annually you prepare your goals and objectives to see what all milestones you have achieved in a year and accordingly you are given a hike or promotions.  In a similar fashion, prepare short-term and long-term goals and set a target date.  For example, you want to purchase a car in next 2 years or purchase a residential flat in next 3 years.  Write down such goals along with a tracker and on a monthly basis review it.  List down all challenges and difficulties in completing the goals

You may also discuss such goals with your spouse or parents, as they can be a source of morale support.  If by any reason you are not able to achieve the said goals, do not stress yourself or do not get demotivated, as this is not the end of life.  Try harder unless and until you achieve that goal.

Be Happy with Present

Do not think about past or future, think about present and enjoy it.  You may had failures in the past or there were instances where you were unable to complete your goals, thinking will distract you in the present.  Just note down what were the mistakes, which you did in the past and try or avoid not to repeat the same mistakes.  

Spend time with your families in spare time, go for outdoor vacations, go for shopping or a movie, go for a morning walk with your spouse and children.  Do not worry about the future, if you will then you will ruin your present day and present life.  This will make you unhappy and your behavior will change, this will create tension, stress and frustration in your life.  A successful person will never go in this phase; if you want to be successful then you will have to apply this approach.

Be Positive

Your approach towards life should be always positive and not negative.  A person who is having a negative attitude can never be successful.  All big international leaders have one thing in common, that is positive attitude.  They always think that every work and every aim is achievable and they can overcome any challenges.  This is the first sign of a successful person and one can easily make out

A positive attitude person is always in a positive frame of mind, for him every task is doable.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple is the best example.  He was always positive that apple phone, one day will rule the mobile world.  He was very confident in his team and his approach; the results are in your front.


Do What You Love to Do

Do not kill your dreams, do what you like to do.  In our daily stressful life, we tend to forgot our passions and our hobbies and end up doing nothing.  I had a passion of sky diving, i ensured that once in a year i will do sky diving.  Therefore, manage your time in such a way that there is some time available for your hobbies and passions.  Loving what you do is an important sign of successful people.  Do not stop and do not avoid.

Following and continuing your hobbies can lead to a balance work life and makes you motivated all the time.

So in short, you should never leave your hobbies and passions if you want to be successful in life.