New social networking sites

Do you know there are approximate 210 social networking sites and more than 2 billion people are active in these sites.  This is really huge!  These websites or platforms are basically for people to build social networks, social relationships with other people, some also share personal or career interests, activities, background or real life connections.

Social networking sites allow user to share ideas, digital photos and videos, posts, and to inform others about online or real-world activities and events with people in their network.

Some of the most famous social networking websites and Applications are facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Whatsapp, pinterest, snapchat.  The most famous and widely used social media platform is Facebook which has over 2,498 million active user followed by Youtube, Whatsapp and facebook messenger.

However, all above social media platform have become old and are very common.  Everyone has an habit of searching something thing new, there are few sites and applications which have now entered in the market and are slowing moving towards attracting millions of customers.

In this blog, we will see some these social medial platforms, which will be widely used in the coming future and are becoming a source of income.

Medium is a social networking site and an online publishing platform, it is owned by medium corporation.  I has been developed by Evan Williams who was earlier the co-founder of Blogger and Twitter.  According to the recent stats, the total number of active users on medium is around 25 million.  One can create new account using facebook or google acount.  One can also us email address for signing up with medium.

Medium is being used to share blogs and advertise websites and contents so that one can drive website traffic.

Vero is a social media platform and mobile app company.  Vero's content feed and features resembles instagram.  One can share a wider variety of content and the app has a chronological content feed as compared to facebook and instagram who have algorithm based feeds.

Since, it is a new social medial platform, It has close to 3 million active users.  If you bored of facebook and instagram and this platform is best to advertise your product and services.  There are fair chances that by end of 2020, the active user count in vero will exceed 10 million mark.



Houseparty is a social networking site and service, which enables group video chatting through mobile and desktop apps.  This app has shown a huge growth due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  There have been more than 50 million signups in year 2020 till June Month.  It has claimed no.3 position in the US google play store.  This application is mainly for younger generation who wants to have a social hangouts and group video chat.  Some of this apps rivals are big giants like Zoom, Skype and google hangouts.  If the pandemic lockdown extends the number of signups for Houseparty will double in year 2020.


Steemit is a blockchain-based blogging and social media platform and website, which rewards its users with the cryptocurrency STEEM for publishing content.  There are close to 1 million registered users with steemit and the count my increase in coming years.  Steemit is actually a reddit alternative.

While steemit has a relatively small user-base so far, smart marketers can use this platform as an additional channel to share their content and grow their audience, all while getting paid for it at the same time.



Byte is an American social networking short-form video hosting service where users can create 6-second looping videos.  Byte was officially launched to the public on the IOS and android platforms in over 40 countries on January 2020.

Byte allows users to publish videos from two up tp eight seconds long either captured through the app or previously recorded and stored on their devices.  The app also features a search screen with tiles for popular and latest content along with video categories like comedy, animation and others.


Best Google Adsense Alternative

Everyone knows that google adsense if the king of advertisement.  For those who are new to google adsense, google adsense is an advertising platform that allows you to run ads on your website, blogs or youtube videos and get paid when visitor click on them.

It is still the number one advertising and marketing platform in the world accessed by millions of people for online earning and passive income.  In the last couple of years there have been some more advertising platforms, which have come up but none of them can beat google adsense in terms of quality, reach and income.

But, if you are facing some issues in getting google adsense approval, you can try some other options.  Some are free and for some you will have shed some money.  In this blog, i will disclosing some of the best google adsense alternatives which one can try.  However, i am again reiterating that no one can take over google adsense and i do not think so that in coming 10-15 years this will happen.  So, let us know check some of the alternatives of google adsense, which one can consider as an option.


Adsterra is a premium advertising network serving over 25 billion geo-targeted ad impressions per month.   They connect product and service companies to their audience through their smart advertising platform to raise brand awareness globally, improve ROI, and to increase ad revenue.  You can add multiple sites and blogs in adsterra.  The ads displayed are safe and are against malware and spyware.

If you want to register with Adsterr as a publisher, then please click here for an initial signup. is the second best option of google adsense. is the leading global advertising company with one of the most and best advertising technology in the industry across search, native, display, mobile, products and video.  It manages high-quality ad supply on over 500,000 websites and its platform and products are licensed by some of the largest publishers, ad networks and other ad tech companies worldwide.

As per the recent survey, is one of the top 5 largest ad tech companies in the world.  By revenue, is the second largest contextual advertising business worldwide just next to google adsense.

Signup for



PropellerAds is an adtech company, providing powerful performance marketing and advertising solutions on a global scale.  Founded in 2011, the company rapidly became the leading popunder traffic network, and then expanded into the native advertising world, growing in the most high-end adtech platform.

The audience coverage of propellerads is more than one billion and there are currently close to 70k ad camapigns, which are running on a monthly basis on desktops and mobile.  Moreover, there are close to 32k advertisers.

Register a free account with propellerads publisher now.


Admaven is an advertising company, which is 10 years old.  Admaven provides innovative, interactive and digital ads.  They have advanced optimization tools, which provides amazing ECM and high revenue, while maintaining great experience.  They have ads which are full screen, ads placement are easy to implement and in just 5 minute you are set up to go live and monetize your valuable traffic.

Admaven has multiple ad units for publishers with a website, in order to ensure full coverage and highest CPM both on desktop and mobile web.  Apart from this, they also provide features like link shortner and network traffic.

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Skimlinks is the world's largest commerce content monetization platform, it enables publishers to be less dependent on advertising.  Skimlinks connects 60,000 publishers to 48,500 merchants around the world, generating $2.5 million sales every day.  It's client include big giants like Yahoo, Huffington post, mailonline, etc.

Skimlinks works with over 50 networks, including Awin, Rakuten advertising and CJ.  Some of the other top merchants associated with skimlinks are Nike, Vimeo, Adobe, Airbnb, Lookfantastic and Wayfair.

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RevenueHits is a self-service Ad network platform for publishers across the globe.  Developed, owned and operated by leading ad technology company Intango, RevenueHits is a powerful solution, leveraging intelligent algorithms designed to monetize websites and blogs.

RevenueHits is very easy to join and simple to use.  One can start generating profts from the website in a day or two.  There are more than 5000 advertisers associated with RevenueHits.  They have some advanced optimization engine, which displays profitable ads in a timely manner based on the geographic location.

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All above alternative, which i have disclosed are not comparable with google adsense but can be seen as an option if you do not get adsense approval for your websites and blogs.

Google adsense still have many plus points and advantages on all these alternative, so the first preference will be google adsense.