Electric scooters are in great demand in world, especially in Asian countries like India, China, Korea and Japan.  As these scooters are eco-friendly and low cost, they play a vital role in replacing fuel based scooters.  These scooters are very light and portable, in fact some are foldable which makes easier to carry it from one place to another place.

Though, there are some disadvantages of electric scooter if you compare it with petrol scooters. 

Some points to make a note before you buy an electric scooter.

  • Quality
  • Style & Features
  • Cost Savings
  • Battery consumption, battery life and charging capacity
  • Speed
  • Price
  • Maintenance cost

But, overall it is a good option, if you want your means of communication to be pollution free.  Below, are some of the electric scooters which are in demand.

1. Hero Electric LX Lithium Powered Scooter

Hero Electric Flash LX Lithium Powered Scooter With Max Speed 25 km/hr.

  • No Color fading, long lasting and water proof.
  • Digital instrument cluster.
  • Mag alloy Wheels.
  • Front Telescopic Suspension.
  • Portable Battery.

BattRE One Electric Scooter.

This scooter is with 26 Ah lithium battery and runs 80 km on one charge.  It has in build LCD display with hydraulic suspension with Front / Rear disc brake.  Comes with Front / Rear Alloy Wheels.

  • Detachable lithium battery.
  • Remote key.
  • Anti theft Alarm.
  • Wheel immobiliser.
  • Key less ignition.
  • Day running lights (LED lights).
  • LED turn indicators.
  •  Quick Release easy footrests.
  • Wild and Bold tires.
  • Dual Disc Braking.

3. GL (LOGO) iZITTO 2 Wheeler Electric Scooter

GL (LOGO) iZITTO 2 wheeler electric scooter.

This scooter has a charging duration of 2.5 hrs.  It is equipped with powerful brushless DC motor with tubless Alloy wheels.  It comes with attractive LCD colour display.  A good mileage of 70 km.

  • Comes in Matte Blue.
  • Battery life of 2000 cycles with intelligent fast charger.
  • Anti theft lock and alarm.
  • Chassis Type:- Tabular, front; front suspension:- Hydraulic shock absorber.
  • Ground clearance:- 160 MM

Hero Electric Nyx ER Scooter with Max speed 42 Km/hr

This electric scooter comes in multicolor with a good attractive design.

  • Boost switch for 5 Km/hr.
  • Instant speed boost.
  • Foldable rear seat for additional luggage space.
  • Telescopic suspension.
  • Digital speedometer.
  • Charging time 4-5 hours.

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