Spy cameras have become an important gadget these days.  If you want to have a close watch or track on your inventory, property, relatives, friend and children, you can use a spy cam.

In homes, spy cams are being used extensively but these cams a important role in schools, offices and public places to avoid any kind of safety hazards.

These spy cams are portable, minute and one can not notice these cams, that is why the name is “spy”.  Let us check out some of the best spy cams which are worth buying.

IFITech 1080p HD Hidden Camera | USB Charger Type | Maximum 128GB SD Support | Loop/Motion Triggered Recording Option | Ideal For Home/Office Monioring.

  • Easy to use : The plug & play surveillance camera supports FAT32 format SD card and requires no prior setting.  Insert SD card, plug the device into a power socket and the video recording will begin.
  • The recording will cease the moment the device is unplugged.
  • The video content recorded on the SD card can be viewed by connecting the USB device to a computer/with OTG connector to mobile.
  • Ideal for monitoring staff in office, godown, prevention of theft / shop lifting, or to keep an eye on movement of specially-abled elders and children in the family, pets and others at home.
  • The HD 1920*1080p colour video camera gives 70 degree viewing with 30 frames per second AV output, generating HD quality surveillance content.
  • The camera recording will run seamlessly in loops, wherein after the SD card runs out of maximum storage (128 GB), fresh video content will be overwritten on earlier content.
  • The USB can be connected to a power-bank, allowing the camera to be used at any location.  The USB can also be used to charge mobile phones.

OJXTZF Spy Camera Mini HD Wireless Hidden | 1080P smallest body camera, 12 MP, Convert security Nanny Cam with night vision and motion detection for car, office, room indoor and outdoor.

  • Super small compact mini spy camera wireless measures less than one inch size, easy to hide virtually anywhere.
  • This cop nanny cam features rechargeable battery along with shooting incredible 1080P HD video and photo modes safetynet.  
  • Best spy gadgets and safetynet spy gear, makes it very portable as a miniature pocket body camera or you can take this equipment as secret cameras for home security indoor.
  • A simple wearable solution.
  • Avoid package thieves, home invasions or neighbor harassment, look at your pet or taking care of your children.
  • The safetynet spy cameras starts recording when it detects motion and stops when it motion is no longer detected.

Spy Camera 32GB Full HD Pen Camera Audio/Video.

  • Best high quality materials & the longest recording period – The battery of these gadgets is very sensitive and there is a need to be made of quality materials.  Factories try to lower their products cost, so we should chose our partners between the best of them.  For this our price is not the cheapest but medium.
  • Super Thin Lightweight & Discreet – Save yourself from impractical big & heavy devices.
  • Take instant pictures and video recording with this recorder and the led light will flash only to show you starting pausing or ending mode.  While recording videos is a stealth digital camcoder.  An undetectable nanny private investigator gear tool, for adults and kids.

OJXTZF Mini Camera HD Secret Spy Gadgets Keychain Digital Video Recorder Micro Camcorder Portable hidden audio video recorder.

  • 1280*720P REAL HD – Supports up to 32GB memory card.  This key camera is a really high resolution tiny hidden gadget.  One of the smallest spy cameras for cars.
  • No lighting during recordings – This is not usual among these gadgets.  Take instant pictures and video recs with our spy cam and the led light will flash only to show you starting, pausing or ending mode.
  • Super Thin – Lightweight & Discreet.  Save yourself from impractical big & heavy devices.  An amazing mini video recorder, also the best for drone cameras.
  • The longest recording period among keychain cams (about 1 hour), super simple easy instructions operation manual also.

Greeneye Technology HD-1080P H2 Night Vision Hidden DVR Powerbank Spy.

  • Type – Powerbank.
  • Actual camera resolution – 1080P.
  • Usage time (minutes) – 240.
  • Internal storage capacity (GB) – 0.
  • Records Audio – Yes.
  • Brand – Greeneye Technology.
  • Video capture format – AVI
  • Low light technology – No.
  • Battery power – 5000 milliampere hour (mAh).

RJD HD 1080P Spy Camera Glasses Hidden Eyewear DVR Video Recorder Mini Cam Camcorder.

  • Vide format – AVI.
  • Video coding – M-JEPG.
  • Connection – USB 2.0 (High speed).
  • Video resolution – 1920*1080.

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