4 Reasons You Are not Making Any Money Online

Everyone thinks that earning online money or earning passive income is a very easy task or job, but in reality, it is not that easy.  Due to such assumptions, many people who had started earning online money have failed miserably.  Some started earning few dollars for a weeks or months and then they stopped.  Few of them were successful and they continued what they had started.

For example, if 100 people think of earning online money, 50% of them will actually start and the rest 50% will drop the idea.  Out of the 50% who have started, around 30% will drop after few months and around 10% will drop it after a year.  So, in actuals only 20% will continue earning online money.

There are various reasons as to why people fail in earning online money.  In this blog, i will disclose the 4 reasons why online earning fails.  The main source of online earning is websites and blogs, and we will see why people stop the online earning method in between.,

No Traffic - Less Visitors

If you have a website, blog or an online store, you need traffic so that there are lot of visitors on your website.  A website or a blog becomes famous if it has daily organic traffic.  If you have a website, daily traffic means there are daily someone visiting your site, there are chances that some might click on ads being displayed on your website.

Website will die if there are no traffic and eventually it will shut down.  Traffic can be increased either by free source of by paid source, there are multiple softwares, tools and websites which can double your traffic in 2-3 days but one has to shed some dollars for such paid source.  The best traffic generating tools are social media platforms like facebook, instagram, reddit, linkedin and twitter. 

When i started my website 12 years back, i used to get daily traffic of 4-5 users, this was increased to 100 users after a month.  After a year, i used to get daily 5k users, thus increasing my website earnings.  So to conclude, the more traffic, the more online earning.

Quality Niche or Audience

Some have thousands of visitors but still they complain or have queries that their website earning is very low.  This is because; the traffic is not of a good quality.  Let me share an example with you.  If you have a travel blog or a travel website, but the audience to whom you have shared your website are least bothered about travel.  Then, obliviously they will not visit your website, as they are not interested on your articles and blogs.

On the contrary, if the audience consist of people who love travelling, the results would have been different.  No matter if you have hundred or thousands visitors, quality matters a lot.  

Search for a niche who you think will like your website, respond and interact with the site, this is called as a quality traffic.  Even if you have thousands such visitors, you can easily earn more than $100 in a week.  So, focus on quality rather on quantity.

Have Patience

To get the desired results, one should have patience.  One cannot assume that one can become rich in a night through online earning or passive income.  Online earning will test your patience as it is a slow process, but once you are set, you will see excellent results.  People who are impatient will stop in between as they think that it is not worth it, but people who think other way out, will succeed.

Some of the online storeowners, which i know took more than 2 years to start generating profit, if they would have just waited for 3-6 months they would have been losers.

Passive income from affiliate marketing, email marketing and network marketing require minimum one month, but it can go up to 1 year as well.  So have some patience and i am 100% sure you will succeed.

No Feedback from Customers

How will you know or differentiate if the product or service which you are advertising or marketing is worth taking.  You need to have customer feedbacks every monthly, understand their concerns and suggestion and accordingly act on it.  Your customers will give a honest remarks and these remarks will be boon to our company.

In fact, in each and every store there are already people waiting for customers feedback.  I have kept a Quarterly review of customer’s feedback.

Feedback from customer are very helpful, it shows the global market trend.  Most of them give honest reviews, these reviews and feedback will help us to decide which products to purchase and whch to avoid, what are the drawbacks and events.

How to Become Successful in Life

Success and failure are part and phase of life.  You are happy when you achieve success and are sad when you have failures.  This is experienced in children’s, adults and in all age groups.  Most of us think that a person is successful, if he has ample amount of money, this is not true.  Wealth is the secondary part, a person is said to be successful if he is able to make everyone happy and most importantly his or her family.  A successful person is that person who have achieved all his goals and aims in his life.

There are hundreds of blogs, posts and articles on internet on “How to achieve Success” and “How to become successful in a day”.  In this blog, i will throw some light on some of the few tips on how to achieve success and become a successful person.

Success cannot be achieved in a single day or in a week, it is a slow process and everyone should accept it.  Many of them have taken close to 50-70 years to achieve success.  A person should have a good patience level if he wants to experience it.


Go Slowly

You must have heard and read about the story of rabbit and tortoise “Slow and steady wins the race.  This applies in real life too, do not jump to conclusions, think, plan, organize and then execute.  Everyone wants to become rich and successful in a day, this is never possible unless and until you are lucky to get a lottery.  People who think that one can get success in a day are foolish and such people get trapped in scams, frauds and money making scheme.  Every successful person took time to taste success;  some took 5 years, some 10 years and some more than that.  Do not chase success, let success chase you.


Prepare a list of Goals and Aims

In your work life, annually you prepare your goals and objectives to see what all milestones you have achieved in a year and accordingly you are given a hike or promotions.  In a similar fashion, prepare short-term and long-term goals and set a target date.  For example, you want to purchase a car in next 2 years or purchase a residential flat in next 3 years.  Write down such goals along with a tracker and on a monthly basis review it.  List down all challenges and difficulties in completing the goals

You may also discuss such goals with your spouse or parents, as they can be a source of morale support.  If by any reason you are not able to achieve the said goals, do not stress yourself or do not get demotivated, as this is not the end of life.  Try harder unless and until you achieve that goal.

Be Happy with Present

Do not think about past or future, think about present and enjoy it.  You may had failures in the past or there were instances where you were unable to complete your goals, thinking will distract you in the present.  Just note down what were the mistakes, which you did in the past and try or avoid not to repeat the same mistakes.  

Spend time with your families in spare time, go for outdoor vacations, go for shopping or a movie, go for a morning walk with your spouse and children.  Do not worry about the future, if you will then you will ruin your present day and present life.  This will make you unhappy and your behavior will change, this will create tension, stress and frustration in your life.  A successful person will never go in this phase; if you want to be successful then you will have to apply this approach.

Be Positive

Your approach towards life should be always positive and not negative.  A person who is having a negative attitude can never be successful.  All big international leaders have one thing in common, that is positive attitude.  They always think that every work and every aim is achievable and they can overcome any challenges.  This is the first sign of a successful person and one can easily make out

A positive attitude person is always in a positive frame of mind, for him every task is doable.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple is the best example.  He was always positive that apple phone, one day will rule the mobile world.  He was very confident in his team and his approach; the results are in your front.


Do What You Love to Do

Do not kill your dreams, do what you like to do.  In our daily stressful life, we tend to forgot our passions and our hobbies and end up doing nothing.  I had a passion of sky diving, i ensured that once in a year i will do sky diving.  Therefore, manage your time in such a way that there is some time available for your hobbies and passions.  Loving what you do is an important sign of successful people.  Do not stop and do not avoid.

Following and continuing your hobbies can lead to a balance work life and makes you motivated all the time.

So in short, you should never leave your hobbies and passions if you want to be successful in life.

Things to do at home to make money

Life is full of risks and bad phase, there is always some percent of risks if you are doing your regular job or have a business.  To manage risks, one should always have a backup plan.  For example, if i am doing a 9am – 5pm job, i should have a backup plan.  A backup plan should be in such a way that even if i loose a job, i would be earning some amount of money daily.  This applies for people as well, who owns a business, as there is lot of risks in starting and managing a business.

Passive income is an answer to mitigate these risks, this income will be give you a monthly earning, so now you are not dependent on your job or business.  The best passive income starts from home, there are many latest methods and ways of earning daily from home without 0% investments.  These passive income activities can be executed by any adult members in your family.  Therefore, if you are going to office then you wife or parents can continue this passive income.

Now, let us explore these home based opportunities.

Online Games

You might be killing your spare time by playing online games, but have you ever thought that playing some online games can actually earn some dollars for you.  When you are doing or managing your regular job or business, request your parents, adult children or wife to play these games.  This will serve to purpose; 1) They will be busy 2) You can get some money through this passive income methods.

I have a blog in which i have written an article on some of the best online earning games, which one should try.  Even you can try on your weekend or when you have taken a holiday.

Most of these games are simple to play and are of very short duration, you might require a paypal account so that the winning amount can be transferred in your bank accounts.  In US and in Canada, there are millions of people who have started earning a good amount of money through these online games.  So, try your luck, who knows you can become the next millionaire.


Fill Surveys

Big international companies reach out to customers to get their product or service feedback.  These feedbacks are taken in form of surveys.  Some of these companies pay around $5 – $10 to people, who fill and submit the surveys.  Now, there are some websites which are tied up with these companies to run these surveys, a small amount of commission is given to this website and the remaining commission is given to the person which has completed the survey.  For example, if a company is paying $5 to a website for conduction a survey, the website will keep $2 in their wallet and remaining $3 is given to you.

Toluna is one of the best survey website, which pays a good amount of money to people who complete survey.  If you register with toluna, you will daily get surveys on your mails, you have to just complete these surveys and the amount will get credit in your bank account, it is a very simple process.  The surveys which you will receive matches to your profile, your education and your locations.  If the surveys are too long for around 1 hr, then the commission might be more than $10, it is a short survey for around 1 min, and then the commission is around $1.

Any adult family member can participate and compete these surveys from home, it does not require any special skills.


Create and Publish a Blog

This is the best and trending ways to work from home on weekends.  You do not have to leave your regular work or business.  To start with, just work for 3-4 weekends and then you are ready with your daily passive income.  Now, what is blog, blog is an article, which has lot of information.  A blog, a post or an article can be of food, travel, sports, entertainment, news or any other topic of your interests.  I have multiple blogs regarding online earning and passive income, through these blogs i am earning daily $100.  A person who writes such blogs are called bloggers and the activity is called blogging.  I am online blogger from past 12 years.

However, this methods require a small amount of investment.  The investment is for hosting your blog or website, advertise and get traffic to your blog.  Across the globe, there are thousands of bloggers who do part-time blogging.

I have a detailed post on blogging, it is a complete handbook which will give you the complete information on how to start blogging, how much you can earn and how to make this as the online source of income.  There are lot of people who have actually quit their job and have started blogging.  If you are good in blogging, there are chances that you can be hired by some big brands to blog on their products and services.  I am blogger for 4 such big international brands and i get monthly paid for doing nothing!, just write blogs and do nothing.


Write Reviews

Above you have read about blogging, online games and surveys.  Now, the last topic is one of the coolest method, it does not require any investment and is absolutely 100% free.  Writing reviews, write review on products, services, websites and brands and get earned daily.  There are few websites who request you to write reviews and if your review is selected and approved, you get paid.  If your writing skills are good, you can be even hired by these websites, which will give you daily some products and services and will request you write honest reviews.

One can write reviews when they are not working as it require hardly 10-15 minutes of time.  There are professional review writers who are now earning more than $1k in a month, they must have started with just earning $1 in a month.

In coming future, review writing will play a very important role in generating passive and side income.  In 2015, there were handful of websites on review writing but now the scenario has changed, there are at present hundreds of websites on reviews.

Mouthshut, Review Stream and Vindale Research are some of the websites on which you can register yourself, write reviews and start earning.

New social networking sites

Do you know there are approximate 210 social networking sites and more than 2 billion people are active in these sites.  This is really huge!  These websites or platforms are basically for people to build social networks, social relationships with other people, some also share personal or career interests, activities, background or real life connections.

Social networking sites allow user to share ideas, digital photos and videos, posts, and to inform others about online or real-world activities and events with people in their network.

Some of the most famous social networking websites and Applications are facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Whatsapp, pinterest, snapchat.  The most famous and widely used social media platform is Facebook which has over 2,498 million active user followed by Youtube, Whatsapp and facebook messenger.

However, all above social media platform have become old and are very common.  Everyone has an habit of searching something thing new, there are few sites and applications which have now entered in the market and are slowing moving towards attracting millions of customers.

In this blog, we will see some these social medial platforms, which will be widely used in the coming future and are becoming a source of income.


Medium is a social networking site and an online publishing platform, it is owned by medium corporation.  I has been developed by Evan Williams who was earlier the co-founder of Blogger and Twitter.  According to the recent stats, the total number of active users on medium is around 25 million.  One can create new account using facebook or google acount.  One can also us email address for signing up with medium.

Medium is being used to share blogs and advertise websites and contents so that one can drive website traffic.



Vero is a social media platform and mobile app company.  Vero’s content feed and features resembles instagram.  One can share a wider variety of content and the app has a chronological content feed as compared to facebook and instagram who have algorithm based feeds.

Since, it is a new social medial platform, It has close to 3 million active users.  If you bored of facebook and instagram and this platform is best to advertise your product and services.  There are fair chances that by end of 2020, the active user count in vero will exceed 10 million mark.



Houseparty is a social networking site and service, which enables group video chatting through mobile and desktop apps.  This app has shown a huge growth due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  There have been more than 50 million signups in year 2020 till June Month.  It has claimed no.3 position in the US google play store.  This application is mainly for younger generation who wants to have a social hangouts and group video chat.  Some of this apps rivals are big giants like Zoom, Skype and google hangouts.  If the pandemic lockdown extends the number of signups for Houseparty will double in year 2020.


Steemit is a blockchain-based blogging and social media platform and website, which rewards its users with the cryptocurrency STEEM for publishing content.  There are close to 1 million registered users with steemit and the count my increase in coming years.  Steemit is actually a reddit alternative.

While steemit has a relatively small user-base so far, smart marketers can use this platform as an additional channel to share their content and grow their audience, all while getting paid for it at the same time.



Byte is an American social networking short-form video hosting service where users can create 6-second looping videos.  Byte was officially launched to the public on the IOS and android platforms in over 40 countries on January 2020.

Byte allows users to publish videos from two up tp eight seconds long either captured through the app or previously recorded and stored on their devices.  The app also features a search screen with tiles for popular and latest content along with video categories like comedy, animation and others.


Best Website that Pay you to Write

Some take writing as a hobby and for some it is an another source of income.  Writing could be the main source of income as well! Yes that is true.  There are millions of people who are earning online money only through writing, so it acts as an passive income where you can earn real money, that to without any investment.  Therefore, if you are good in writing, you can be paid very easily and quickly.

Writing jobs can be taken on weekends or on any holiday, it is up to you when and what time suits you.  Some of them even write after their office hours and during the daytime or during their lunch time.  In this blog, i will give you some details of websites, which pay you if you write.  In fact, you can easily earn more than $100 in a day or more than that.


Mouthshut.com is a consumer Driven review company and website.  They provide you with a platform to voice your customer feedback on millions of product and services that are manufactured and sold to customer’s across the world.

The platform is actually an opportunity to write honest and real reviews on product and services that one has used or experienced, thereby helping your peers, relatives and friends to decide which product is good and can be purchased and  which one is bad and can be ignored.  Similarly, reviews written by other members will enable you to make the right choice.  One can also compare products, post blogs, upload pictures and get a detailed information about a product’s specification and features.


How to Start with MouthShut?

Joining mouthshut is a very easy and simple process.  Click here to register with Mouthshut.  Once you have been registered with mouthsut, a personalized mouthshut.com account is created.  After account creation, you need fill the profile page, which is mandatory.

Now to start writing review, type in the name of the product or service or brand in the search bar of the home page, navigate through the respective categories and select the required product or service.  Now, write your experiences, your opinion and advice that can help others and they can take benefit from it.  The reviews written on the site should be honest, unbiased and based on genuine experiences.  Mouthshut will never accept reviews written by advertisers.  The reviews are accepted by only registered member of the site.

There is no limitations on reviews, you can write as many reviews in a day, which means no more keeping your mouth shut.  But there are some rules which one has to follow.

  • Keep your reviews informative.
  • Share your true experience
  • Avoid abusive and offensive language
  • Avoid personal information (email, phone number, address)
  • Check your grammar and punctuation, this will help other to understand what you have written
  • Remember, well formatted reviews invite more readers.

Once you are done with writing and posting your review, you will get a notification if someone rates your review.  You will be able to find the list of people who have read and rated your reviews.

How do i earn from mouthshut?

If your review have been successfully posted and rated, you will be awarded by MS point.  In short, MS points are rewards you earn for writing reviews on mouthshut.com.  One can earn more MS points by writing more reviews and inviting your friends to join mouthshut.  These points can be encashed at a later stage.  You need minimum 500 MS points to encash the rewards in your bank account.

You can check the summary of your earned MS points on MS point’s history page under the profile section.


Other ways of Earning from mouthshut

There is one more way of earning from mouthshut, it is called ‘Wite-Share-Win‘ contest.  Write-Share-Win contest is all about sharing your true experiences about the products/services you have used.  Positive experience will win 10 MS points and negative one will get you earn 20 MS points.  Just post, your true experiences about any product/service/brand on mouthshut and share the review on your twitter account, you will become eligible for the Write-Share-Win contest.

The other way is to invite friends on mouthshut.  In order to get eligible for MS points through invite friends, make sure that all your invited friends should get register here, write and share their genuine experience on mouthsut.  Once they will get MS points for their approved reviews, the same referral MS points will be credited to your bank account.  Mouthshut have their internal algorithms in place to detect the genuineness of a user.  If their system finds that your friend does not seem to be genuine, then all your invitations will be disapproved, then even can ban you.

Moreover, update your friends to get themselves KYC verified to prove their genuinity by uploading the KYC details on mouthshut.

5 Real and Best Work-From-Jobs

I have done a lot of research on finding out the best work from jobs and i think i have succeded in that.  Earning from home is always a dream job and everyone wants to have a income sitting at home.  However, in reality, there are only few legit and real work from jobs through which you actually get paid.

Such kind of work from jobs are suitable for students, senior citizens, house wife and people who are bored from their regular 9AM – 5PM jobs.  There are also some people who like working from home during the weekends to earn some side income, i also come in that category.  But not all work from home jobs are legit and real, there are many such fraud companies who are fooling people by telling them to invest in their strategy.

In this blog, we will be going through the best 5 ways through which one can earn money from home without any investment.


If you are good in writing then the best way to earn online money from home is through blog.  A blog is an article, which provides valuable information.  The activity of writing a blog is called blogging and the person who does this is called a blogger.  As per the recent study, there are around 600 million blogs and over 80 million active bloggers.

Blogging is one of the best source of income from home.  When i started blogging, i earned my $1 after 4 months, then in the 5th month, i was able to earn $80 and then in 6th month, i earned $188.  There are people across the world who are earning more than $1k per day.  Since there is no investment required, blogging is considered safe and secure.  Most of them take it as a hobby but for some it is the only source of income.

If you want to know more as to how you can earn online money from blogging, then click here and visit my site.


The second best option to work from home is doing a freelancing; through freelancing also one can earn a few dollars every day.   Freelancing is an activity where a person offers services and he is paid if the services are catered.  A person who is doing such kind of freelancing is called a freelancer.  Freelancers usually make money on task basis or can charge on an hourly basis.  Freelancer work is normally a temporary job or a job, which can be done as a part-time.  It mostly suits to students, housewife and senior citizens.

Close to 100 million freelancers are available in the world, in US alone there are 57 million freelancers.  A skilled freelancer can earn up to $100 – $1000 in day.

At present, there are many freelancing websites providing freelancer jobs.  Top 10 freelancing websites are Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal, Guru, Peopleperhour, Simply Hired, Crowded, 99Designs and Aquent.  Close to 40% of freelancers are associated with Fiverr as it is one of the best and provides good per hour income.

I have written a complete blog on Fiverr, do visit it.

Earning through Surveys

You read about blog and freelancing above, these 2 taks require at least 3-4 hours daily work.  Here is one more option where you have to work just for 1 hour per day and earn minimu $1 to $10 daily.  I am talking about online surveys which are in great demand across the globe.  The only drawback of online surveys is the low income, even if you fill surveys daily, you hardly earn $1 or maximum $5.  So, if you calculate in a month you can earn minimum $20 $30 in a day which is less if you compare it with blogging and freelancing.

Toluna is one of the best online survey website thorugh which people are earning daily.

Surveys of big international and multinational companies pay a good amount whereas small companies are paying 0.1$ to $0.5.  Complete guide on Toluna can be accessed from here.

Do Online Task

Everything is being outsourced in all countries.  For doing small online work or task, companies are hiring people on a temporary basis or on a limited project basis.  One such online company is Appen, Appen has lot of online tasks from big giant companies like google, amazon and wallmart and they hire people to carry out these tasks and pays accordingly.  If there is a complex task, one can earn from $10 – $200, simple tasks can be for $5 or $10.

These online tasks can be writing reviews, doing some online course, filling some online forms or filling some online surveys.  However, to carry out these tasks one has to have a desktop or a laptop or a mobile phone as these tasks are compatible with any gadgets.  For more detail on Appen, please click here.

Affiliate Marketing

The sound “affiliate” is familiar to everyone.  There are millions of people doing affiliate marketing of every age.  Affiliate will not saturate in coming 20-30 years, but the competition has increased.  The famous Amazon affiliate is still number one.  But, give a try to other blooming affiliates like clickbank, eBay, etc.

ClickBank is one such affiliate marketing platform which is gaining lot of pace and in coming years if might surpass amazon as well.  The affiliate earnings of clickbank is much better compared then Amazon and other affiliate program.  Click here to know more about Clickbank affiliate program.

Best Google Adsense Alternative

Everyone knows that google adsense if the king of advertisement.  For those who are new to google adsense, google adsense is an advertising platform that allows you to run ads on your website, blogs or youtube videos and get paid when visitor click on them.

It is still the number one advertising and marketing platform in the world accessed by millions of people for online earning and passive income.  In the last couple of years there have been some more advertising platforms, which have come up but none of them can beat google adsense in terms of quality, reach and income.

But, if you are facing some issues in getting google adsense approval, you can try some other options.  Some are free and for some you will have shed some money.  In this blog, i will disclosing some of the best google adsense alternatives which one can try.  However, i am again reiterating that no one can take over google adsense and i do not think so that in coming 10-15 years this will happen.  So, let us know check some of the alternatives of google adsense, which one can consider as an option.


Adsterra is a premium advertising network serving over 25 billion geo-targeted ad impressions per month.   They connect product and service companies to their audience through their smart advertising platform to raise brand awareness globally, improve ROI, and to increase ad revenue.  You can add multiple sites and blogs in adsterra.  The ads displayed are safe and are against malware and spyware.

If you want to register with Adsterr as a publisher, then please click here for an initial signup.



Media.net is the second best option of google adsense.  Media.net is the leading global advertising company with one of the most and best advertising technology in the industry across search, native, display, mobile, products and video.  It manages high-quality ad supply on over 500,000 websites and its platform and products are licensed by some of the largest publishers, ad networks and other ad tech companies worldwide.

As per the recent survey, media.net is one of the top 5 largest ad tech companies in the world.  By revenue, media.net is the second largest contextual advertising business worldwide just next to google adsense.

Signup for media.net.



PropellerAds is an adtech company, providing powerful performance marketing and advertising solutions on a global scale.  Founded in 2011, the company rapidly became the leading popunder traffic network, and then expanded into the native advertising world, growing in the most high-end adtech platform.

The audience coverage of propellerads is more than one billion and there are currently close to 70k ad camapigns, which are running on a monthly basis on desktops and mobile.  Moreover, there are close to 32k advertisers.

Register a free account with propellerads publisher now.


Admaven is an advertising company, which is 10 years old.  Admaven provides innovative, interactive and digital ads.  They have advanced optimization tools, which provides amazing ECM and high revenue, while maintaining great experience.  They have ads which are full screen, ads placement are easy to implement and in just 5 minute you are set up to go live and monetize your valuable traffic.

Admaven has multiple ad units for publishers with a website, in order to ensure full coverage and highest CPM both on desktop and mobile web.  Apart from this, they also provide features like link shortner and network traffic.

To signup with admaven publisher, please click here



Skimlinks is the world’s largest commerce content monetization platform, it enables publishers to be less dependent on advertising.  Skimlinks connects 60,000 publishers to 48,500 merchants around the world, generating $2.5 million sales every day.  It’s client include big giants like Yahoo, Huffington post, mailonline, etc.

Skimlinks works with over 50 networks, including Awin, Rakuten advertising and CJ.  Some of the other top merchants associated with skimlinks are Nike, Vimeo, Adobe, Airbnb, Lookfantastic and Wayfair.

Click here to get yourself register with skimlinks



RevenueHits is a self-service Ad network platform for publishers across the globe.  Developed, owned and operated by leading ad technology company Intango, RevenueHits is a powerful solution, leveraging intelligent algorithms designed to monetize websites and blogs.

RevenueHits is very easy to join and simple to use.  One can start generating profts from the website in a day or two.  There are more than 5000 advertisers associated with RevenueHits.  They have some advanced optimization engine, which displays profitable ads in a timely manner based on the geographic location.

Register here with RevenueHits publisher.


All above alternative, which i have disclosed are not comparable with google adsense but can be seen as an option if you do not get adsense approval for your websites and blogs.

Google adsense still have many plus points and advantages on all these alternative, so the first preference will be google adsense.

How to avoid Cyber Attacks

Are you aware? As per the recent surveys, cyberattacks can cost world $6 trillion loss by year 2021.  America, other Asian countries like India and European countries like United Kingdom and France have the most number of cyberattacks annually.

But, what is Cyberattacks?


Cyberattack is an attack on computers or computer networks to expose, alter, disable, destroy, steal or gain unauthorized access to or make unauthorized use of an asset.  In short, a cyberattack is any type of offensive maneuver that targets computer information systems, infrastructures, computer networks or personal computer devices.  A cyberattack may steal, alter, or destroy a specified target by hacking into a system.

A person who does or carry out such attacks is called a hacker.  Cyberattacks can range from installing spyware on a personal computer to attempting to destroy the infrastructure of entire nations.

From past couple of years, there have been high profile cyberattacks on big multinational companies which resulted in huge financial loss.  There are already many antivirus endpoint companies and Internet firewall companies, which are already setting up a rigid infrastructure, so that such kind of cyberattacks  and cyber crimes are avoided.

However, many organizations have started adapting the new digital transformation, this means everything is online.  Which is now creating a gateways to risks, vulnerabilities, attacks and failure.  A big cyberattack can also cripple a country’s economy in a day.  Below, i will be sharing some of the tips, which one should follow in avoiding cyberattacks or cyber crime.



Ensure a valid and licensed antivirus with DLP is installed in your personal machine or your official machine with the latest updates along with the latest OS and security updates.  A computer system which is without an anitivirus is very vulnerable from cyberattacks.


Make a habit of changing the password every month.  We normally keep the same password for years.  Banking sites passwords should change every month, a hacker will first try to steal data from such sites.  Also, please ensure that the password is alphanumeric, complex and very hard to guess.  For e.g. do not use your first name or last name, do not use your date of birth, do not use your spouse or child’s name, etc.


Be careful with clicks

When you are checking an email or chatting with someone on a messenger, be careful not to click on any links in messages from people you do not know.  The link could take you to a fake website that asks for some private information, such as user names and passwords.  Even if the message is from someone you know, be cautious.

Use Search engines

When navigating the web, you need to take precautions to avoid phony websites that ask for personal information and pages that contain malware.  Always use a search engine like google to help you to navigate to the correct website.

Secure your wireless device

Wireless device is also one of the most vulnerable device in cyberattacks and cyber crime.  A hacker will always try to attack an unsecured wireless device to fetch out information.  Please ensure you install a firewall and keep changing the wireless router administrator password periodically.

Avoid getting phished!

Phishing plays an important role in cyber crime and cyberattacks, around 40% of cyberattacks are through phishing.  Phishing is usually an attempt through mails, to steal your personal information.  Phishing emails are usually appear to come from large and reputed organizations, they normally ask for personal information like credit card details, social security number and bank account number or password.

A perfect example is you getting a mail that your mail account password or any other website password has been expired.  The mails looks genuine and comes with a link, it instructs you to click on that link.  When you click you are routed to some other site, there are chances that some malware of spyware will be installed in your machine, the conclusion is that you are now phished!

Reporting Spam

If you think the email, which you have received is fraud or spam, report it right away and mark it as spam.  Reporting spam feature is available in all mailing platforms.


Do not download

Attachment is the main medium to be hacked, hackers normally add some kind of spyware or malware in an attachment.  When you download or open that attachment that virus is downloaded and installed in your system.  Please do not open attachments with extension like .exe or .txt or .jar or .rar or .zip from a person who you do not know.  Couple of years back, there was a virus attack in one of a big European country; the virus was embedded in a font.  When the font was installed, the virus was installed and it multiplied in the system and systems, which were connected to that system.  This affected the entire company network in few hours resulting in a huge financial loss.

Real Ways of Online Earning

Statement like “Real ways to make money from home” or “Make real online Money” or “Real Ways to Earn money Online” are flodded all over the internet.  Some of these statements are true and legit, whereas some are fake and are a part of some big scam.  I am on online blogger from past eight years and i have been writing blogs on online earning from home and passive income.  Through my experience, i have written many blogs on my other websites which can give you a good ideas as to what all are the ways to make real money online.

Before selecting or deciding any method, one has to do a deep dive and do a good research.  After reading this blog, i would suggest to read some other blogs of some other authors so that you can find out some more articles and then finalize.

So, in this blog you will find out the real ways to earn money through some cool and smart online ways.


Buid a Website or Blog


If you are at home or you have a work time from 9am – 5pm and just have some few hours of spare time or just weekends, the best way to earn online money is through blogs and website.

Create a website and blog on a particular article or matter in which you are masters.  Below are some of the simple and easy steps of creating website or blogs.

  • Select and purchase a domain

Selection of domain is very important, i would prefer a domain with .com rather than going with .org or .net or .in.  Domain name should be very short and easy to type and easy to pronunce.  Avoid hyphens and numbers.  Once you have selected a domain, check if the domain is available by hosting providers.  I would suggest with godaddy webhosting provider.

  • Select hosting platform

Once domain is selected, you need to purchase a website builder of wordpress which is very cheap.  In website builder management, you can add pages and add design as per your requirements with some attractive themes.  This completes the complete setup of website, please ensure your website is a secure website.  For a secured website, you need to have a SSL certificate, either you can purchase it or can get it from free sources.

  • Create your niche

You need to build a niche or audience who will come to your website.   You will not need only 100 visitors on your website, you will need thousands and millions of visitors daily.  For building a niche you will have to start network marketing and email marketing for which you will have use social media platforms.

  • Google Adsense

Once you site is ready and the audience as well.  The next step is to place ads on your wesbite.  You will have add your website in google adsense, once it is approved in google adsense you will be able to place ads.  So what is google adsense and how will google adsense pay you.  You wll get complete information over here.

Through google adsense, one can earn close to $10 – $100 daily, the more website traffic the more earning from google adsense.

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is not new, you must have already heard about amazon affiliate marketing, flipkart affiliate marketing and many more.  It’s been more than a decade now and still affiliate marketing proves to be a fast-growing market.  Today, merchants see an average of 23% of their revenues coming from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Affiliate marketing is worth $12 billion till Dec’2019.  Below are some of the top and best affiliate programs and affiliate network, which one should try.


NordVPN is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) company. It has applications available to download on Windows, macOS, Android, and IOS. The android app can be downloaded through an APK package for those who do want to use Google Play store. You can also manually set up NordVPN on Linux and other platforms. The company’s headquarters are based in Panama making it good for privacy. Panama has no mandatory data retention laws. NordVPN accepts Credit Cards, PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, and many other smaller payment methods making it easy to pay for the service the way you want!

Click here to find out more on NordVPN.



SiteGround is a hosting company that has grown from being a one-employee company to one with more than 400 employees. Founded in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2004, SiteGround currently hosts more than 1,700,000 domains on its platform worldwide. The company processes more than 1500 tickets, receives more than 1000 calls and chat requests daily. Boasting 3 data centers in three continents of the world – America, Europe, and Asia, SiteGround facilities are protected 24/7. The facilities are equipped with world-class power generating systems and superior network connectivity to serve its growing customers needs across the globe. Aside from providing web hosting services, SiteGround also offers Enterprise hosting, Cloud computing, Dedicated Servers, and other services. Its web hosting services are available in three packages. They are StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. The startup plan, with basic features including 10GB web space, 10,000 monthly visits, and One website is priced at 11.95 and a special price of $3.95 per month. The GrowBig at a special and regular price of $5.95 and $19.95 respectively, offers up to 20 GB web space, multiple website support, and premium features. At $19.95 regular price and $34.95 special price, the GoGeek gives users 30GB web space, 100,000 monthly visits included premium and Geeky features.

Click Here to find out more on SiteGround.



The ShareASale affiliate program pays you $30-$150 per commission.  Affiliates earn $30 for referring affiliates once the affiliate has generated $20 in commissions. Affiliates earn $150 for referring qualified merchants.  A merchant becomes qualified when they have been active for 6 months or generated $100 in network fees.

Click Here to find out more on ShareASale.


Surfshark is a popular VPN company that launched in 2018 and has quickly became very popular. Surfshark is a company based out of the British Virgin Islands which has no data retention laws allowing the company to offer a strict no logs policy. The company works to provide a secure, encrypted, and easy to use VPN service. Surfshark has 1,000+ VPN servers in over 60 countries.

Click Here for more details on SurfShark.



GetResponse is an all in one online marketing platform to grow your business. They provide amazing email marketing software that includes a drag and drop editor, autoresponders, signup forms, email templates, and landing pages. Over 350,000 businesses have used GetResponse and the company is continuing to grow. They have over a 99% email deliverability rate. They also are affiliate friendly and advertise that on the home page of their website!

Click here for more details.

There are some more affiliate programs, which are available in my earlier blogs, do visit them.  Though, amazon affiliate is the most famous affiliate programs, there are some alternatives which one can use instead of Amazon.


Final Conclusion

If you do not have money to invest, but you have time, then you can explore these money-making opportunities as these are the best way to make money online.  In this blog, i have listed some few ways on online earning and some of the top ways to make money online.  Check out my other websites on more passive income and online-earning opportunities.

Free Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website

You have a website, but you are unable to increase your product or services sale on your website?  You are unable to generate leads and therefore there is no margin of profit.  The answer to these questions, only you can answer.  First step, check how many visitors are visiting your websites and what is their duration.  Are you able to generate a good traffic on to your website, how many visitors are visiting your website in a day or a week or a month?   You will have to do the analysis first.

Second step, is the traffic quality good?  Are the conversion rate good?  You need to attract the right customer at the right time.  In this blog, we will see what are the best free ways to generate traffic on to your website.  No investment, so it is absolutely 100% free.

Website traffic plays an important role in advertising and marketing of a particular product or services, which you are selling.  If you are not selling any product, and if your website is a blogging website, getting traffic on to your blogs will increase the revenue.  Generating website traffic through social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, tiktiok and reddit is an old approach.

I would also suggest not approaching paid sites for generating quality traffic, as you will have to shed at least $100 – $200.  From past couple of years, there have been few websites, which can help you in generating a good quality traffic.  In fact, i am using some of these websites and i am getting a good 3000 visitors daily through these websites.  In the global market, there are close to 7-8 such free programs and website, which will be very helpful in increasing your website traffic.  Some of these are, TrafficG, Wadojooo and Trafficonic.   We will go in details on each of them.



From past 7 years, trafficg is one of the best website for generating traffic for free.  Yes, all the trafficg services are completely free.  You will never have to spend any money.  The program in trafficg is very easy to use, you first signup and become a member.  Once you are member of trafficG, login with your username and password, you can either use the supersurf, use the superstart, use the exchanger, or a combination of all three.

There is no limit on the number of websites, which you can add in trafficg.

Apart from traffic generation, you can also earn through trafficg using the affiliate referral part.

Click here to get some more information on trafficG.



Ojooo is also one of the best traffic generation website, more are more people have started using ojooo website for their websites.   One of the best services which ojooo offers is “Traffic Exchange”.  Traffic Exchange is a system of free exchange of traffic between websites.  As a WAD Ojooo user, you earn points by viewing other users’ pages, and they can view your pages in return, when your points get assigned to the particular campaign.

To advertise your pages you don’t need to have money on your account, you only need to visit other users pages. Traffic exchange is the cheapest form of advertising and to generate traffic.  If you do not have time to surf to earn points for your own advertising, then you can now buy 10000 minutes for $22.99.

Click here to get some more information on this program.

TRAFFICONIC | Get Free Traffic to Your Website or Blog



This is also one of the best, biggest and free website traffic exchange network.

Trafficonic is the best traffic exchange service that empowers millions of webmasters with real human visitors to their websites. With Trafficonic, you can receive thousands of hits on your websites, get more conversions, boost your website’s Alexa rank and increase your website’s worth and value.

Creating an account is easy and is totally free. There is absolutely no catch to it. Trafficonic is absolutely 100% free to use. By simply registering an account in Trafficonic, you can submit the unlimited number of webpages to get real human traffic on your websites.  As the Trafficonic.com user database is getting huge day by day, hence this increase the website visit rate which helps in generating more sales and boosting up the Alexa ranking.

As Tafficonic traffic exchange system allows  to promote website pages for uptop 30 seconds, hence this feature will lower the traffic bounce rate of the website and helps in getting better ranking position in Search Engine Results Page.

Click here to get some more details on trafficonic.

TRAFFICONIC | Get Free Traffic to Your Website or Blog