Best Electric Scooter Bikes for Kids

Best Electric Scooter for Kids

7 Of The Best Electric Scooter Bikes For Kids Electric scooters are the latest craze when it comes to children’s toys and they can be a great way of getting kids outside and active.  While they might seem similar to the old-school skateboard, unlike that more basic model, electric scooters also have a motor which … Read more

Top 5 Resistance Exercise Bands

Gone are the days when you were busy doing Cardio and lifting heavy weights to tone down your muscles.  Working out via Resistance bands is the new way of working out.  More and more fitness freaks are getting attracted towards these so called exercise resistance bands. Resistance bands are nothing but flat, elastic and are … Read more

Top 8 Fitness Bands and Activity Tracker

In order to have good health and a healthy lifestyle, you need to have a proper and accurate diet.  Along with the diet, exercise is equally important, and to measure this you need a fitness tracker or an activity tracker. Such trackers monitor your health, heart rate, and other body components, so that you stay … Read more

Best Cricket Kit For Adults

Start Earning From Home! Cricket is being played in 100 countries, there are limited over cricket matches which are called One-day internationals and T20.  Whereas, matches which are played for 5 days are called test matches. From the last decade, cricket has become a popular sport and more and more countries have started playing cricket. … Read more