Drugs in Candy Boxes during Halloween

Click here to view the complete story in 1 minute. There are just a few days left for Halloween which is celebrated every year on the 31st of October. Children will dress up in scary costumes and will go house to house, knocking on each and every door. You will see children wearing costumes of … Read more

The World’s Deadliest Attack, Many children’s Dead in Child care center of Thailand

The deadliest attack, the bloodiest massacre has taken place in Thailand. The news has shaken the entire world. As per the latest reports, an Ex-police officer has attacked a Nursery daycare center in Thailand. The attacker used a Pistol and Knife.  The person has been identified as Panya Kamrab. Panya was recently fired from Police … Read more

Angelina Jolie Accuses ex-husband Brad Pitt

There are serious allegations by Angelina Jolie against her Ex-husband Brad Pitt. As per the latest reports, Angelina said that in the Year 2016, Brad had abused and attacked her. This incident happened in an Airplane when they were going from France to California. On the flight, Angelina Jolie was with her six children, Brad … Read more