One of the best-selling mountain bike in year 2020.  The cycle is delivered in semi-assembled condition, around 85%.  One has to assemble this mountain bike before it can be used.  For the installation, Allen key and spanner are provided.

Tire size is 26 inches.  Frame size is 18 inches.

Provided with front brake : V brake.  Rear brake : V brake.

Gear is single speed.

This mountain bike is ideal for 12+ age.

Customer support number : 18002084376

If you think this is the right choice for you, 

Please make a note that, bike will be without chain cover, mudguard, trainer wheel, carrier, horn and lock.  Stand and Reflectors will be installed.

This is the most stylish lightweight mountain bike with rust proof aluminum alloy.  What makes it different from other mountain bike is non-slip tires, special anti-kid tires for folding bikes.  If you order this bike, you will get the bike with 95% assembled state as compared to other bikes which comes with 80-85% installation.

Stylish and sporty design.  Comfortable seat for long journeys.

Adjustable heights for teens and adults. 

Comes with dust proof and UV resistant superior quality front shock absorber.

Dual disk brakes.

Available in 2 colors (Black and Gold).

This mountain bike is best in design, it is sleek, trendy and stylish.  The frame is aerodynamic designed to reduce air friction.  This bike comes in 26”, 27.5” and 29” size.   If you order this bike, you will get in 85% assembled state.  Pedals, front wheels and handle are not assembled.

Dual disc brakes.  High quality double disc brakes on front and rear wheels. 

Easily adjust saddle height with quick release, attractive grips and wide tires provide excellent roll, and a cushioned, stable ride.

Hashtag comes with light weight high tensile rims for ultimate road performance.

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